In years past the wedding list was often a way for guests to help provide housewares and other such gifts to help the couple setup a home. These days the couple can often be living together in a beautiful home already …. so often it can be quite stressful for guests to know what to buy.

So Amazon now have you folks covered with the ability to create a wedding wishlist for you to share with your guests ahead of time:

The wonderful thing about this is that you can add items that cover a range of budgets so everyone will know that what they get you is something you really want regardless of what they spend.

If gifts aren’t what you guys want or need then there are other alternatives that can keep everyone happy.

Honeymoon wishlist

•Setup a honeymoon fund, list a few options for guests to help cover I.e. transport costs, hotel, car hire etc. That way guests can feel OK giving money as they know what they are contributing towards.

Wedding party

•Celebration Fund, as with the honeymoon fund you can ask for funds towards certain services that have been utilised to make your day special- hair,cars, photography, catering, venue hire. Then everyone enjoying the wedding party can be a little less guilty on the 4th glass of complimentary prosecco.

Charity donation wedding fund

•A Charity Donation, there are some wonderful charities out there these days that would always appreciate a kind donation – a hospice, local cause or a national one like Make a Wish.

Whatever you choose to list for your guests be sure to communicate it well and in plenty of time, if you have setup a Facebook group or WhatsApp group send out a link to the amazon list or details of the charity so that the guests can set the money to one side in time.


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January 9, 2019

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